Prior to enrolling on Marks programme, iSAFE had reached a point where continued growth was no longer possible, as we had reached capacity on the number of clients we were able to service. Although we knew we needed to recruit, previous experience with recruiting the wrong people had left us reluctant to do so.

Mark helped us look at the recruitment exercise in a very different way to how we previously would have done. Through him helping us to develop a structured process for recruitment, define the culture and personality of the candidate and restructure the job specification, we were able to attract a number of fantastic candidates to the role. We are now looking forward to welcoming a brilliant new recruit to our business and I’m sure that we would not have been in the same position if not for Mark’s assistance.

I would highly recommend Mark’s services to any business, whether they have issues or not, and we are thoroughly looking forward to continuing to work with Mark to build a bigger, better iSAFE.

Jack and Tim Marshall, Directors iSafe

My Travel Guys

My Travel Guys are an independent travel company established in July 2016 specialising in luxury and tailor-made holidays and business trips.  As a start-up company, we grew rapidly in year one and two helping our clients with all manner of enquiries, but we decided we needed help to focus on our preferred client base as we continued to drive the business forward.

Having heard from fellow business owners how Mark had helped them, we decided to attend a workshop he’d put on to see if he could help us to continue to grow but in a smarter manner by aiming more towards the client base that we needed to target.

We quickly grasped that, like so many other businesses, we hadn’t got the right foundations within the business to sustain future growth and had no real plan in place for the time we would be looking to retire.  We had reacted to enquiries and serviced our clients in a professional way but needed help to structure our business and have a plan in place for us to work towards.

We decided to work with Mark – initially for a year but then deciding to extend into our fourth year of business and have found the whole process to be extremely positive.

Mark quickly grasped our ethos and began working with us to firstly understand our target market and then structure our business to allow flexibility for us to continue to grow by targeting the right clients who appreciate the advanced levels of service we provide.

Our future now looks bright – despite the impact that the Covid crisis has had in the travel industry.  We have more confidence in what we do and by implementing the advice and ideas Mark has suggested and in turn, searching ourselves to really get to the bottom of why we do what we do, we have a well-respected business that will continue to succeed.

We now have a sound foundation, a company vision and mission statement that is already appealing to increasing numbers of clients form all over the UK.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Mark’s services to established businesses and start-ups.  We only wish we had commenced our relationship with him sooner.

Ian & Cath Cann, Directors My Travel Guys Ltd

Peak District SEO

When I first heard about your course the growth figures you quoted intrigued me greatly.

You seemed so confident that you could help practically any business to grow, I had a strong feeling your course would be a good investment. In the very worst case scenario I would learn some essential and key business practices.

However my expectations were more than surpassed. After implementing the steps in your course I have been able to grow my revenue by a huge 61% over the duration of the course, with several lucrative leads still coming through in the pipeline.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending ActionClub Coaching to any business who wants to grow, increase revenue and sharpen their productivity.

Thank you so much!

Phil Gregory, Peak District SEO

St James's Place Wealth Management

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the recent coaching you gave me around leadership skills.

As a business owner, I have been very aware of my lack of experience in people management. As I now have a small team of staff, I have felt increasingly out of my depth regarding the lack of structured systems in place in this area.

Your 1:1 coaching has provided me with a clearer focus on how to be an effective manager and importantly “leader” of my team. I know I have a structured 90 Day Plan in place to implement changes required.

Thank you again for your support and guidance, I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends, family and clients.

Alison Gregory, Alison Gregory Wealth Management

MJB Technical

I have the pleasure in writing this testimonial for your continued support and services offered to us through Mark Self ActionCoach.

MJB is a small family run Architectural and Structural design and detailing studio with 25+ years experience. We started with just myself in the company and 2 main clients. My son James joined the company 3 years ago on an apprenticeship scheme and has worked his way up from there. We now have numerous clients and like many small business’s want to please everyone. This leaves little time to manage and run the business. I had never thought much of Business coaching before and would have passed it off as a waste of time and money until I met Mark and attended one of his free seminars. At this stage in my business I was pushing myself to the limits and instead of enjoying my business and what we do I was dreading every day. This is where I made the decision to sign up to one of Marks group sessions. I would like to say that as a business owner this was the best decision I have ever made. Since starting and not taking into account the coronavirus lockdown we have learnt and put into place many systems and practices as follows:

  • Planning – We have put in place a 12 month and 5 year plan. This has given us the opportunity to plan and grow the business at a rate that we are comfortable with. In addition to this we now plan our days and weeks. Following this plan we have now transferred from a home office into our own dedicated office.
  • Time – With time being our most important resource and having a daily and weekly diary we can now manage our time more effectively and set priorities.
  • Financial – We always worked on the assumption that if we had money in the bank and an active workload we were doing well. We have now put in place a work in progress financial system. We have signed up to quick books to manage our finances and now complete a monthly and yearly budget with actuals and cashflow. With this in place we are now able to better plan financially.
  • Marketing – I always thought marketing was more for larger business’s and through research have discovered that many small business’s feel the same. With a full marketing strategy in place which includes USP’s and guarantees / promises we are now able to move ahead of our competitors.

Where mark has stood out from the rest is during the coronavirus lockdown, he immediately moved to online video sessions and was able to change the programme at a drop of a hat to help us overcome lockdown related issues when they arose.

We are not there yet and tend to let the old creep back in but Mark is always there to push us forward and back on track. I now see a brighter future ahead for my business.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark for his continued support and would not hesitate in recommending him as a business coach.

Michael Sprague, MJB Technical

Renshaw Chartered Surveyors

As a new independent firm of chartered surveyors our business challenge has been to channel a range of expert property services into an easily understandable offer to existing and new clients.  We are halfway through Mark’s business course and have already made significant progress into the future of our business – from refining our target markets and developing complimentary marketing strategies to implementing service standards with the systems to ensure that they are met.  This course gives you the tools and confidence to develop your business: it makes your business life less of a trial and more of an adventure.  I recommend it to any new business or existing business looking to improve.

Mark Renshaw, Renshaw Chartered Surveyors

Snowelk Productions

The implementation of the coaching aspects is still at a fairly early stage for my business, but I can already see that if I take the action to follow the coaching and guidance from this plan that the goals we have set can be achieved and the destination reached.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark and his coaching, he is constantly knowledgeable, professional and personable, I look forward to our regular coaching session and leave with a sense of empowerment. My only regret is to have not taken the course sooner.

Gary Knowles, Snowelk Productions

Dalmation Systems

Running a business is notoriously stressful and daunting, but I would argue even more so when you’ve inherited it from your late father and suffering from grief.

When myself and my sister Katie ( co-owner) of Dalmatian met Mark we had managed to keep our heads above water and keep the business surviving, yet we were having little quality of life and couldn’t see the situation improving.

Prior to meeting Mark we’d worked with a number of consultants who claimed to be business experts and simply found that they cost a lot of money, and only generated more work for us by offering crazy advice.

Having been referred to Mark we met with Mark to discuss how he could possibly help.

Dipping a toe into the water we chose to join his ActionCLub and spent six months of Thursday evenings learning the principles of Mark’s work.
Since this time we have seen a significant improvement in our business and are really enjoying working in it again.

As a business, myself and Katie have chosen to continue working with Mark on a one to one basis and although we have only just begun on this process, I feel confident that Mark will help us grow Dalmatian into something our father would be proud of.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mark to any of my business owner friends but don’t think I’ll need to when they see me driving off in my brand new Bentley.

Big thank you to Mark and look forward to working with you more in the future.

Lucy and Katie Trinder, Dalmatian Systems

Pemberley Wills and Estate Planning

Pemberley Wills has been gradually growing as a business for over 8 years. Our service offering has expanded from Will writing to inheritance tax advice, funeral planning, and dealing with mental capacity issues.

As the owner of the business, I realised that my daily routine was consumed with dealing with clients and the technicalities of the work, rather than looking at the business as a whole and where it is heading. I realised that I needed someone to help me look at my existing practices objectively and start to plan for the future with specific goals.

After working with Mark for 6 months, I have implemented many changes. We monitor how our time is spent more carefully, we have refined how we present our service offering to clients and we now monitor leads and conversion rates. I have delegated many tasks which has freed up more of my time to deal with things that generate income for the business.

I have been able to employ a second person, Hannah, to deal with all administrative matters, which has enabled April to focus on drafting documents – something that takes concentration and skill.

Working through this process with Mark has given me much more confidence when dealing with customers and has helped me not to be afraid to charge for our time and professional advice. It has also helped me to think more creatively which has recently led to the formation of a new company that will diversify our product offering.

When you feel things are going well enough in your business, and you know your own trade well, there is a tendency to think that you know best. I would strongly recommend anyone who wants to run a successful business not to deceive themselves with this reasoning. Being challenged about the way I currently work has led me to rethink all aspects of my business and has led to many positive changes.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Nathan Broadhead, Pemberley Wills and Estate Planning

The session was very helpful, in particular the structure. Having had no experience running and growing a business before I had no template to work to, having that structure and set objectives to attain really helps guide a business from just getting by to getting to a level where the business is self sufficient and can work without me day to day. I highly recommend people attend the session to at least test their own understanding of how to grow a business.

Adam Newman, New Waste Solutions

I’d like to thank you for the session last week. The session gave detailed insights into how you can structure and grow your business especially for business owners with no formal business training. I would highly recommend that you attend one of Mark’s free sessions to learn more how you can implement some of the systems to grow your business.

Mike Lawrence, Health & Wellbeing Consultant

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