Turnover Doubled to Over Half a Million in 2 Years for Plumbing and Heating Company

Our Client

Established by Lee Shapcott in 2000, Leeva Plumbing and Heating Ltd offers a friendly and reliable plumbing and heating service to customers in Ripley, Belper, Alfreton and across Derbyshire.

Managing Director/Plumbing & Heating Engineer, Lee Shapcott, has more than 25 years of experience in the plumbing and heating industry. Leeva Plumbing and Heating Ltd offers a wide range of plumbing services including boiler servicing and repair, central heating and hot water system services, power flushing, and even bathroom design and installation. The business prides itself on completing every job with attention to detail; arriving on time, being respectful of customers’ homes, and keeping disruption to a minimum.

The Challenge

Despite turning over approximately £250,000 per year, Lee decided it was time to revisit coaching following a positive experience working with another Action Coach in the past. Lee approached Mark Self after feeling as though the business needed a boost. He was keen to elevate Leeva Plumbing and Heating Ltd to the next level, and knew that coaching would give him the confidence and support to do just that.

The Solution & Results

Lee Shapcott, Managing Director/Plumbing & Heating Engineer at Leeva Plumbing said:

“Mark introduced us to a tried and tested formula that has proven to work for us. He encouraged us to look closely at our profit and loss, implement forecasting, and analyse trends, as well as helping us to create a comprehensive business plan to keep us on track. Mark introduced us to the ‘5 Ways’ model, whereby all business is driven by five key profit generating areas. Over time, we carefully implemented them into the way we ran the business. And it worked.

We always placed plenty of advertisements as part of our marketing strategy, but more analysis was needed to determine whether these adverts were actually working for us. Mark helped us to measure exactly which adverts were beneficial for the business, and we carefully monitored the return on investment from each one. Our advertising efforts quickly became much more successful.

Another challenge for the business was finding the right employees, and getting the best out of them. We now have a much better interview process whereby more time is spent interviewing potential candidates to make sure that they are the right fit for the business.

We now have regular meetings with our employees to make sure we get the very best out of them. The 121’s are great because staff can sit down and discuss what they’re happy about, and sometimes, what they’re not happy about. They get that opportunity to talk, they’re listened to, and we see what we can change to make things better. It improves our relationship and it also improves their productivity because they’re happy and content in their work, and eager to succeed.

One of the most effective things we have introduced is a board where we post details of how well the business is doing each week financially. It keeps things transparent, and it motivates the team to strive to beat the total each month. Following Mark’s suggestions, we now have a bonus scheme in place so that those that succeed are rewarded for it. It provides a great incentive, keeps people motivated, and keeps morale high.

When we started working with Mark, we were turning over approximately £250,000 a year. After just one year, we’d increased our turnover to £375,000. By the second year, turnover had increased to £525,000.

We have doubled our turnover in two years, and next year we plan to hit the £600,000 mark. We’ve got a fantastic relationship with Mark; he’s great. It’s really like having a business partner that works closely with you to improve the business, but doesn’t take half of the profits away! 

Working with Mark has definitely made us more accountable. Following his advice has enabled us to implement lots of little things in the business which have incrementally improved just about everything. We almost make our success into a game now; we meticulously track our turnover and profit, and then try to beat it the next month!

Mark is very articulate and fantastic at getting ideas across. In turn, he’s taught us to communicate more effectively too. Not only has our turnover doubled, our team have too. We’ve been able to employ another 4 people over the last two years, bringing us to a total of 8. Although we have unfortunately lost our 2 apprentices as a direct result of the pandemic, we are very confident for the future.”