Sheffield Branding & Digital Agency Reach New Heights with Business Coaching

Our Client

Founded in 2002, Eat Sleep Think (est.) is a strategic branding & digital agency based in Sheffield. Working with both national and international clients, Eat Sleep Think has produced a variety of creative solutions for a wide range of business, including branding, design, and digital marketing services.

For the last 18 years, Managing Creative Director Mike Marshall has grown the business into a well-established branding and digital marketing agency, now working with some of the world’s most recognised businesses and brands. Eat Sleep Think creates outstanding communication materials across all media channels, from print through to digital, and has extensive experience working in multiple market sectors.

The Challenge

For many years, Eat Sleep Think enjoyed working with a wide variety of European customers. But when the UK made the decision to leave the EU in 2016, Mike was disappointed to see that business suffered as a result. In addition to his valued customers across the globe, Mike was keen to grow a client base closer to home, and began attending a local networking group in 2017.

It was then that he was invited by Mark Self to attend a lecture by Brad Sugars, the Chairman and Founder of Action Coach. Mike was inspired, and with Mark’s help, decided it was time to invigorate his business.

The Solution & Results

Mike Marshall, Managing Creative Director at Eat Sleep Think said:

“Although I’m a designer at heart, there are so many other skills needed to succeed at running a business. Meeting Mark and learning about all the ways he had helped businesses to grow and thrive, inspired me to make some changes. The Action Coach approach is very down to earth and common sense based. It fits in really well with the mentality of our business.

I started off attending Mark’s group classes, where he would set us tasks to undertake within our businesses, and then evaluate them as a group. Although these classes where extremely helpful, I soon decided that it was 121 support that I needed from Mark. He’s been my business mentor ever since!

Since working with Mark, Eat Sleep Think has changed dramatically. Last year, we rebranded, which has been a hugely successful, rewarding exercise. Mark encouraged us to really hone down our offerings, and ultimately our direction, as an agency, and to think carefully about who we were and what work we really wanted to focus on. Being fully committed and focussed on branding and digital has helped us to achieve good returns, whilst loving what we do.

Mark’s help has enabled us to focus the business, set up systems internally, focus our team, and channel the business in right direction. Our new systems and more efficient ways of working have allowed me, as the business owner, to pay close attention to the financial aspects of Eat Sleep Think, monitoring where we are and what we need to do to get where we want to be.

Mark has supported us through the good and the bad; he’s the person I go to in order to make sure I’m heading in the right direction. I now run everything past Mark first. He has guided me through my coaching journey to a point where he is not just my mentor, he is part of my business. I like to think of him as more of an executive consultant!

I speak to Mark on a weekly basis and he holds me accountable for the plans we put into action throughout the business. He’s been a great support to me throughout the difficulties that the pandemic has brought with it, and on a personal level too.”

“Mark is more than a business coach – he is a mentor, a friend, and my rock!”