Action Coach Increases Revenue by 25% for Derbyshire Based Construction Company

Our Client

PFD Construction is a privately owned building contractor with a great reputation for high standards of construction and quality of finish. Established in 2012 by Director Ross Cooper, the business specialises in high quality new build, large extensions and refurbishment projects throughout the East Midlands, South & East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Ross and his team work hand in hand with their clients and designers to ensure that each project is executed with care and precision, taking time to understand the key requirements of each project and care to implement them at every stage. Typically carrying out projects including residential new build and extensions, retail and commercial, light industrial, residential care homes and medical centres, and education facilities, PFD Construction tackles budgets ranging from £250k to multi-millions.

The Challenge

Back in 2018, Ross Cooper at PFD Construction approached Mark Self at Action Coach with the intention of growing the business and achieving his business goals. Since 2012, PFD Construction had been successfully embarking on numerous small, high quality residential housing developments. After around 5 years, however, Ross decided it was time to give his business a boost with the help, support, and mentorship of Mark.

The Solution & Results

Ross Cooper, Director at PFD Construction, said: “When I stared working with Mark Self at Action Coach, he conducted a thorough analysis of the business. By examining everything in detail, he quickly gained a deep understanding of what we do, what drives the business, and of course, our finances. Looking back on those early days I can only describe working with Mark as quite an intensive learning curve, and one that has undoubtedly changed our business for the better.

With Mark’s unique insight, we embarked upon a process to standardise our systems and refine our working practices. We looked at many areas of the business and implemented changes to improve efficiencies. This included careful analysis of how we could better serve our customers, how to engage our staff more effectively, and generally increase our productivity. As a result of these changes, we were able to dramatically increase the return on investment on our work; basically, making us more money!

Working with Mark has been extremely successful – I can confidently say that the process has been revolutionary for us. Not only has our revenue increased by approximately 25%, I have also been able to significantly reduce my stress levels, bringing me peace of mind and allowing me to run the business with a clear, motivated focus.”

Mark has helped in so many areas, not only standardising processes and helping us to grow. I used to have a tendency to micromanage, and he’s helped me gain the confidence to successfully and easily integrate staff to make the whole process, from project start to completion, much more streamlined.

One of the main ways that Mark has helped us to achieve significant growth is by encouraging us to take a more targeted approach to the kind of work that we pursue. By identifying the work that we were keen to take on, and proactively pursuing it, we have been able to make real, tangible changes that have shaped the future of our business.

After working closely with Mark for some time and seeing the results, the support he gives us now is more fine tuning. We continue to put the ideas into practice, and keep following the formula that we know works. Mark has helped me to forge the pattern going forward. Now our revenue is better, our cash flow is better, and our security is better.”