30% Revenue Increase in 7 Months for South Yorkshire Wills and Estate Planning Firm

Our Client

Based in South Yorkshire, Pemberley Wills and Estate Planning is an independent provider of estate planning services. With an outstanding reputation for providing quality advice, efficient services and ongoing client care, the business has gradually grown over the past 8 years. Services include will writing, inheritance tax advice, funeral planning, and lasting power of attorney.

The team at Pemberley Wills and Estate Planning pride themselves on their professional approach, helping clients plan effectively for their future to give them peace of mind. The company’s success is based on 4 core principles; honesty, competency, impartiality and empathy.

The Challenge

Despite always being busy and having a constant supply of regular work for a number of years, business owner Nathan Broadhead contacted Mark Self for help and advise on how he could spend more time working ‘on’ his business, rather than ‘in’ it.

Nathan knew that for the business to thrive and grow, it was time for him to step back from the endless stream of everyday tasks that come with running a business. He wanted to be able to focus more time on his clients, evaluating where the business was heading, and setting goals for the future.

The Solution and Results

Nathan Broadhead, Owner of Pemberley Wills and Estate Planning said:

“Mark has been an invaluable source of advice and guidance for the business. One of the first positive steps we implemented was making a commitment to investing in staffing and personnel. We’ve taken on 2 members of staff in the past year, which has had a dramatic effect on the way the business is run. By allowing staff to concentrate on admin and document drafting, my time is freed up to allow planning for the future, and concentrating on activities that will generate future income.

Mark encouraged me to look much more closely at profit and loss, which was real eye opener for me. It’s one thing to be aware of the figures, but another to think about what that actually means for the business. By becoming more efficient, it soon became clear that we could drastically increase our bottom line and margins.

One of the most valuable activities we have put into practice is proper tracking. Mark encouraged me to carefully examine what the most profitable areas of the business were and put in a good system to increase efficiency. Properly tracking where our leads came from was invaluable to us; by checking and confirming the source of each piece of business, we were better equipped to make marketing decisions that would drive return on investment. For example, we considered print advertising as a key part of our marketing strategy, but we had difficulty tracking its effectiveness. We have since changed the style and size of our adverts based on the feedback we have received, and by looking more closely into how people are driven to contact us.

Another key activity that has contributed to the success of the Pemberley Wills and Estate Planning is our BNI membership. The referrals we have received through our BNI networking group mean that we can recoup our annual membership costs approximately every 3 weeks. By developing relationships with other financial advisors and investing in introducers, we have dramatically increased our business with genuine, quality leads that we can fully track and convert.

As a result of working with Mark, Pemberley Wills and Estate Planning has enjoyed a 31% increase in revenue in the last 7 months alone. We’ve also tripled out capacity for work by having 2 extra people on board, truly transforming the business. Mark makes us accountable for our plans and strategies for improvement, and that’s made all the difference.”