It’s no surprise that email marketing has become one of the best used, and most effective ways to keep your business at the forefront of the minds of your existing and potential customers. As a business coach, I’ve seen many businesses implement a solid email marketing strategy and really reap the rewards; from building their database, developing relationships, and ultimately increasing sales. So, what’s all the fuss about?

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is so versatile. Whether you’re promoting offers, sharing news, or offering valuable content that will benefit your contacts, email marketing is a great way to attract new business. It can also be used to split test customer behaviour, and auto respond for timely relationship management; what’s not to love?!

Growing your Customer Base

In addition to keeping your current contacts happy, email marketing is a very effective way of growing your audience and increasing your customer base. Giving visitors to your website the opportunity to subscribe is key. Make sure your website is full of well written content, as well as possible discounts, offers or competitions to give new subscribers the incentive to sign up to your emails.

Don’t Forget your Loyal Customers

As well as encouraging new subscribers, don’t forget to look after your existing customers too. After all, they’re the ambassadors for your business and your brand, and they need to be nurtured. by emailing them content tailored just for them and offering them special discounts or products based on their preferences, you can improve brand loyalty and nurture customer relationships that will last.

Utilise Automation

Another fantastic benefit to email marketing is automation. By automating your email campaigns in advance, you can send personal emails to your subscribers without lifting a finger on the day. This might include upselling to previous customers, encouraging online shoppers to check out their abandoned shopping baskets, or just saying a brief hello on their Birthday. Either way, automated emails are a great tool.

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