It’s hard to believe that we’re a full year on from the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic and the first instructions from the government about limiting social contact were imposed. Covid 19 has undoubtedly changed our lives, our relationships, and our habits, not to mention our businesses. With home working now set to become a permanent feature of life for some when normality does return, what else has the pandemic taught business owners?

1. The Importance of Adaptability

It’s true that a global pandemic may be a once in a lifetime event, but flexibility and adaptability in the face of a crisis is something every business should learn. Preparing for a worse case scenario, and having a Plan B firmly in the bag, can not only improve your business’ chance of survival during tough times, it can also make it to thrive.

2. The Benefits of Flexible Working

The last year is a great example of how businesses can and do succeed whilst enabling their employees to have flexible working arrangements. Many businesses have reaped the benefits of home working over the last 12 months for example, finding out first-hand that a productive workforce does not mean being permanently chained to a desk during a 9-5 working day.

3. The Power of Social Media

The way your business communicates both internally and externally has always been vital. Externally, marketing your business to attract new customers through social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can really boost your businesses success. In addition, paid search campaigns through search engines are vital for staying in the mind of your target consumer. Internally, the use of communication tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and Zoom will help to keep home workers engaged and motivated, support collaboration, and aid social interaction.

4. People are Precious

There’s no doubt that people across the world have gone to extraordinary lengths to work in new ways, stay virtually connected, and support each other. The pandemic has thrown us many challenges, yet our ability to offer help and support, stay resilient, and pull together to keep businesses not just afloat but thriving has never been more evident. People are precious!

5. Budgets Matter

Finances are always a top priority, but when a business is forced to close for any period of time, they become crucial. The pandemic has taught many businesses the importance of having cash set aside for a rainy day.

There’s no doubt that Covid 19 has reshaped the business landscape in a way that we’d never have anticipated. If you would like more help and advice on how your business can thrive in the current climate, I can help. Book your free 30-minute 1-2-1 coaching session, or join me for a free half day group session where you’ll get a head start in the critical fundamentals to business success. Book your session online today, or you can call 07388 019 663 or email