Selecting the right people to work in your business is absolutely fundamental to your future success. In addition, your success as a leader and manager will also often depend on the people that you employ around you, or those that you inherit when taking on a new position. Where you have the chance to hire for yourself, getting the right people in place is truly one of the most challenging parts of putting a team together that will succeed. It requires a huge amount of careful thought and consideration, as well as considerable time reading CVs, interviewing, and appraising. But don’t let that daunt you; hiring the right candidate can be an extremely rewarding process, and one that will undoubtedly have a significantly positive impact on your business.

As a business coach, I’ve worked with many leaders and managers over the years, gaining valuable insight into the hiring process and helping them to drill down into what they are really looking for in new team members. Drawing on my experience, here is some advice on how to hire the right people.

Specific Job Descriptions

The first place to start when hiring people is the job description. The more specific the better. Generic job descriptions only go so far because every company is different, and every company’s needs are different. Taking some time at this stage to really think about what it is you’re looking for in an employee is key. Ask other members of staff and get feedback from your colleagues who’ll be working with the person. A good job description goes a long way!

Structure Interviews Well

It’s so hard to assess a candidate when you have limited time and they’re under interview conditions. That’s why a well-structured interview can be the key to making the most of this time and finding out as much as you can about the candidate’s skills, experience, and personality is paramount. It might sound clinical, but an evaluation scorecard may be useful in order to grade and compare the performance of several candidates on a set series of criteria. I would always recommend sitting down with that person more than once, and certainly with other members of the team to ensure a good fit and a second opinion.

Consider Culture

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of company culture in these articles, and it’s a key factor to be considered even when hiring. Talking about your company culture is crucial for ensuring you find a person who will fit into that. You will, to some extent, expect new employees to adjust to the cultural attitudes and behaviours of your company. In my experience, you’ll be able to identify a culture fit when you see one, so trust your gut.

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