Encouraging groups of employees to work both effectively and collaboratively can be a challenge. But appointing such teams for many tasks, projects and initiatives is a must; it’s often the only way to assemble the knowledge and talent needed to achieve the many obstacles businesses face today. Factor in the additional complications to team working we have faced during the pandemic and collaboration has never been more important.

So, whether you’re working from home and relying on online meetings, or you work in a sector that allows you to meet face to face, here are my top 3 ways to encourage your team to work together effectively.

1. Support from Above

At a basic level, the people at the top of businesses can make a huge impact on the success or failure of teams. A team will succeed when it has the investment and support of leaders and managers who value social relationships and set a precedent of working collaboratively themselves.

Groups don’t just act and win as one, they lose as one too. It is key, therefore, to ensure that the collaborative environment is demonstrated and encouraged by leaders, therefore solidifying the confidence of a team in both their decisions and guidance.

2. Communication

Effective communication comes up so often in my work, and inevitably, the advice I give in these articles! That’s because its absolutely crucial to strong team performance. Lines of communication must be clear and honest, allowing members of the team to express themselves in a way that prevents the build up of negative feelings, and encourages team members to really listen to each other.

3. Reward Efforts & Celebrate Successes

This is a point that many business leaders overlook. Once a project is complete, it’s often a rush to get on to the next. In my opinion, taking the time to reward and celebrate collaborative work not only boosts morale, but sends a message to your employees that working in this way is beneficial for everyone. Praise and recognition are fundamental elements in the creation of a truly collaborative team. As long as team members are thanked and respected for their efforts and contribution, they will feel a sense of achievement and strive to reach this in future tasks.

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