We’ve talked about company culture and how important it is in previous blog posts, and this leads us naturally onto building effective teams. An engaged, inclusive team is an absolute must if individuals are going to work together successfully and productively.

What is Inclusivity and Why is it so Important?

Despite inclusivity having become a bit of a buzzword recently, there’s a good reason why it’s attracted so much attention. In essence, inclusivity is a policy, or intention, that includes people who might otherwise be left on the side-lines, marginalised, or even excluded. Put simply, inclusivity is making employees feel valued and part of a team.

So why is an inclusive team so important? To illustrate, a recent study carried out by Deloitte found that inclusive teams in team-based assessments outperformed their peers by a huge 80%. The fact is, employees perform best when they feel included, valued, and respected by other members of their teams.

How to Encourage Inclusivity

As always when talking about the subjects I cover I my blog, one article really isn’t enough to do justice to everything I would like to say on a topic. In my opinion, however, one of the most important actions you can take to develop an inclusive team is simply ensuring that everyone’s input on a team is equally important. A sense of belonging will have different meanings to different individuals, but one of the most powerful ways of encouraging inclusivity is by making everyone feel equally involved.

Building inclusion within a team takes a significant amount of time and effort, requiring leaders to engage every member on the team. Open communication, therefore, is a must. Leaders and managers must make sure they are not only accessible, but that they actively engage in open communication with all members of the team. It is this transparency, and willingness to listen that really makes the difference.

Advice and Support for Building an Effective Team

It’s my belief that every leader who is serious about transforming their business into one that thrives must work hard to develop inclusive, engaged teams. By working with me, you’ll receive advice and support on strategies that will enable you to improve efficiencies in all areas of your business, including the way that you build and nurture your team. Book your free 30-minute 1-2-1 coaching session, or join me for a free half day group session where you’ll have the perfect opportunity to learn more about building a team that is engaged and inclusive. Why not book your session online today? Alternatively, you can call 07388 019 663 or email markself@actioncoach.com.