There are many important skills required to be a good leader. As discussed in one of my recent blog posts, I believe that truly great leaders have high levels of emotional intelligence. The good news is, it is possible to learn to be an emotional intelligent leader. Managing your own emotions, being more empathetic, and improving your communication and interpersonal skills can all be improved with practice. So, what can you do to ensure that you’re an emotionally intelligent leader?

Learn to Manage your Emotions

The ability to remain calm and keep a level of control despite tough circumstances are both traits of good leaders. It’s not always easy to keep your emotions in check, but in doing so you not only minimise your own stress, but also that of your team. Your emotional state of mind can have a significant impact on your employees; bear that in mind the next time you’re up against a deadline. Making a conscious effort to remain calm will have a direct positive impact on your whole team.

Practice Listening

Emotionally intelligent leaders listen to their employees. Practice listening and you’ll be able to take on board not only positives such as new ideas and initiatives, but feedback, suggestions, and constructive criticism. Consciously give thoughtful consideration to perspectives and ideas other than your own, and try to formulate open-minded responses. By being fully present in the workplace, and taking the time to understand others, you’ll be better equipped to adjust your approach in direct response to your team.

Build an Emotionally Intelligent Team

It’s clear that emotionally intelligent leaders make great managers, and can make a big impact on a business. But what about an emotionally intelligent team? The more you develop your own emotional intelligence, the more likely you are to put together a high functioning team that drives productivity. As part of an emotionally intelligent team, employees can expect to receive regular feedback, are aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and are more willing to collaborate.

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