Building a database of existing and potential customers, clients, and contacts is a time-consuming process, but a necessary step towards building a great business. Once you have it in place, it’s imperative that you make that database work as hard as it can for you; using tried and tested methods to generate revenue. As a business coach, I’ve worked with many businesses over the years to help them learn how to leverage their database to increase leads. Here’s a few things I’ve learned.

Better Data = More Leads

I’m often asked how important it is to keep an up to date record of all the data that you have collected regarding your customers and prospects. The answer is always – very! It’s this valuable data that can unlock the secrets to lead generation. Only by fully understanding who your customers are, what their buying habits are, and what they like, will you be able to increase conversions and boost sales. Better data equals better results, simple!

Audience Segmentation

You have a great database and you have a good understanding of what drives your customers to buy. But grouping everyone together at this stage is a mistake. It’s time to dig deeper. Segmentation can be achieved in many ways, from geographically and demographically, to behavioural. Effective segmentation allows you to target prospects based on a variety of factors, including where they live, their age, gender or occupation, and even their social class. Without customer data, segmentation is impossible – utilising that data to connect with prospects in a way that really speaks to them is key to successful lead generation.

Relationship Building

In order to grasp the real power of your database, you need to build and nurture the relationship between your business and your customers and prospects. Relationship management is key to maintaining that connection with customers. In essence, good relationships are built on human connection, so being genuinely interested in the concerns and pain-points of your buyers is a must. How can you, as a business, solve their particular problem? Why is your solution better? Use the data you have about your customers to answer these questions and you’ll be rewarded with qualified leads.

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